Welcome to Transcom International, manufacturer of the most unique and advanced bulk packaging systems, (BAG-IN-THE-BOX), for shipment of non-hazardous liquids.

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LiquiSet a patented disposable liquid tote

Bulk Liquid Containers Manufacturers

LiquiSet, a patented disposable liquid tote which reduces your filling and handling cost, replaces metal or plastic drums, provides efficient storage and transportation, requires no reconditioning and produces no contamination. LiquiSet, a disposable liquid container, is manufactured with heavy duty corrugated boards. It offers you and your customers the following advantages over other IBC's (Intermediate Liquid Bulk Containers)

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Seed Bin
A Hopper Bottom Bulk Container
Transcom International, manufacturer of collapsible bag in the box bulk container, introduces a corrugated, collapsible seed bin.

This new product can be used to transport granular/pellet sized materials and small components of any kinds.
Typical applications for liquid containers
  • Aseptic
  • Chemical (adhesives, coatings, concrete drilling additives, detergent, lubricants, mechanical oil, paint, polymer emulsion, printing ink, soap, transformer oil)
  • Cosmetic (conditioner, cream, foundation, lipstick, liquid makeup, lotion, mascara, shampoo)
  • Food & Beverage (concentrated fruit, edible oils, fish oil, flavorings, food type paraffin, fructose, ice cream variegates, juice, liquid egg, malt, milk, molasses, pastes, salad dressing, sweeteners, syrups, vinegar, water, wine) Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic resins & Rubber products, Corn, Cotton seed, seeds, Bulk bin, seed bulk bin., plastic seed bulk bin