Welcome to Transcom International, manufacturer of the most unique and advanced bulk packaging systems, (BAG-IN-THE-BOX), for shipment of non-hazardous liquids.

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Exterior Height: 48"
Exterior Width: 48"
Exterior Length: 48"
Interior Height: 43.5"
Interior Width: 41.5"
Interior Length: 41.5"
Collapsed Height: 16.5"
Internal Volume (CF): 42
Weight Capacity (lbs): 2500
Static Loading: 3
Dynamic Load Stack: 2
53ft Trailer Load: 52
53ft Load Collapsed: 130
Weight (lbs): 195

Features • Only one person requires to assemble.
• Overall weight of components are significantly less.
• No lifting safety/hazard during assembly.
• 156 units fit in a truck load.
• Reduce inbound and return freight cost by 30%.
• Unit can be shipped two high in transit when full.
• 84 cubic ft of product per pallet space.
• Decrease of LTL freight cost of 60%.
• When empty, the complete unit can be collapsed inside the pallet box.
• It can be stacked three high inside the warehouse when full.
• Box can be custom print if desired.
• Pallet box can be returned and reused.
• Corrugated box can be reused or easily recycled.